March 12, Helsinki , Finland 🇫🇮 Bar Loose (Atsuko)


We left the hotel at 5:30 in the morning and headed to Copenhagen Airport.  We are going to Helsinki by plane. About 2 hours flight.


Arrive in Helsinki, picked up one suitcase, guitar and bass and enter Finland. We didn’t show our passport at all.  A local staff picked us up.

大きなタクシーで会場、Bar Looseへ。ホテルにチェックインするには早いのでコーヒーをもらって仕切ってくれるリータさんと打ち合わせ。

Took a taxi to the venue, Bar Loose. It was too early to check in at the hotel, we had a coffee and had a meeting with Reeta who was contact manager in Helsinki.

ロックな会場です。 Rock place.


The three of us went to the sushi buffet. It was not authentic Japanese sushi. But it was OK. I was happy to had dessert.



We returned to the venue, checked into the hotel, and rested in bed for about two hours. The venue is close to the hotel. That helps a lot.

We went the venue and set up for sound check. Live space was underground. I used the venue’s amplifiers  and drums.

そのあとリータさんがCafe Bar No.9に連れて行ってくれて、サーモンパスタを食べました。凄い量や!3分の2は持ち帰りにしました。
After that, Reeta took us to Cafe Bar No.9 and I had salmon pasta. How big portion! ltook two thirds home to eat later.


Since the doors was opened, while I was selling merch I’m glad that they seemed to be waiting for Shonen Knife’s show. 


Support band.


We are next. The final destination of the 11 consecutive days of live performances was Helsinki, which was sold out. We did it! Thank you for coming to our show. Thank you Helsinki!!

pics by nesta (thanks)

March 16, Das Bett, Frankfurt Germany

March 16, Das Bett, Frankfurt Germany

3月16日(木) Das Bett, Frankfurt Germany
I got a zoominterview from the UK in the morning and went to Heidelberg castle by Kenkichi’s driving. It took 10 minutes drive from our hotel in Heidelberg. Clime up the mountain and found a great view!


Paid EUR 9 for the entrance ticket, I walked into the castle.



Drove down to the town and eating sandwich and walked.

It was 2 hours and a half sightseeing but I was so happy to see such a beautiful view!

午後、車で1時間かけて会場へ。こちらが前回もお世話になったDas Bett。
We drove to the venue for an hour in the afternoon. This is the venue Das Bett which we played last time, too.


Stage. We use our own equipment in Germany.

Italian dishes were served for dinner. It was so good!

Ready to ROCK!

We could have a very good time with great audience. Thank you so much!
Went back to the hotel an slept around 3am.