March 19 Basel, Switzerland 🇨🇭 Humbug Club (Atsuko)



Good morning! Breakfast at the hotel.  Tableware is nice!


There was a cherry tree in front of the hotel. The weather was nice. Flowers were blooming!


Basel is near the German border. Tonight’s hotel is on the German side. Check ed in and rest for 1 hour.


By the way, when we crossed the border to go to the venue, We were stopped at the border. The officer asked only one person to come to the office, Naoko was taken away. A little later Ken went to check Naoko.  Risa and I waited for two hours in the van. It was getting cold and raining, and I was worried.


Naoko came back and we went to the venue finally. The local staff helped to load in gears.


Ramen noodles for dinner.


We had a dinner together.


This venue celebrating its 4th anniversary soon. It was a great place with high ceilings!


Today was another one-man show.  The live was a blast! Thank you very much! 


We went back to the hotel. I was hungry so I made instant yakisoba! Yum! Good night!!





March 20, Travel Day from Rhein to Munich

3月20日(月)移動日 Rhein から Munich


We left the hotel at 11am and went to the border again. We did some paperwork for custom. Then we drove to Munchen.


Kenkichi went to a gas station to buy vignette and we stayed in our van. He bought it and we entered into the highway. We dropped at a supermarket. Baby sheep cake was sold. Some were broken. A bit scary.


Vegetable plants were sold but these are dried. Who buy these?

お天気はいい感じ。It was a good weather.

ちょっと寒いけど。A bit cold, though.


We finally arrived at Munich. Thank you for driving, Kenkichi. I got tired just sitting on a car seat. Driving alone must be more tiring.


We checked in the hotel in Munich and three of us went to eat dinner to an Italian restaurant near by. We were starved.


I had Schnitzel. So tasty but I needed KYK’s cutlet sauce. KYK is a cutlet restaurant in Osaka.


I had red wine and ice cream, too. Because I am so tired. I need to eat. After dinner we contented. Driving day tomorrow, too.