April 30, Esquires, Bedford UK


Wow! It is the last day of April!? More than two month have passed since I left Osaka on 27th February. Time flies. The third from the back show of 47 shows which is the longest tour in my life is held in Bedford.
Checked out the hotel at 10am and we had three hours drive including toilet break. After arriving at Bedford, we went to a pub in suburbs which I searched in a map. Asian people may rare for that area. Anyway, 4 Japanese entered the pub.

Risa ordered pork Sunday roast.

I ordered sea bass and prawns. It had crispy fish skin and good sauce. Delicious!

Back yard of the pub was beautiful.

お腹いっぱいになってそこからSainsbury’s の大型店に移動。お菓子と小さいコンディショナーを買った。
After lunch, we drove to a big Sainsbury’s. I bought some shortbread and hair conditioner of traveler size.

Moved to the venue. The sign was just setting.


The venue is on the 1st floor, 2nd floor in Japan. Punk icon Syd & Nancy was on the wall.

Inside of the venue. We played here in 2018.

After finishing our daily task, Jack and the band went to an Indian restaurant which was recommended by the promoter.

I ordered Chicken Tikka Masala. They say that Chicken Tikka Masala was created in Britain. It is not hot but very sweet.

Went back to the venue and took care of our mercy table. Then show time!

Many people came to the show. Thank you so much!!

ライブ終了後、数回サポートしてくれたThe Kutの皆さんと記念撮影。今日でお別れです。おつかれさま。またどこかで!
After show, we took pictures with The Kut who supported some shows. Thanks for a great job! See you again.

Drove back to London and checked in the hotel. After beef horseradish mayo sandwich, I went to bed.

April 25 Leeds UK 🇬🇧 Brudenell Social Club (Atsuko)


We checked out the hotel in Hull at 12:00 pm and went to Leeds. We stopped at a music store in Leeds but we couldn’t find what we wanted to buy. We were hungry so I bought chicken burger and we ate it at the venue’s patio. 


This venue I’ve been to many times.  And the usual routine.

ここリーズのクールなバンド、Delta5の今は亡きドラマーのケルビンにもらったTシャツ着た!2014年にナイフがBRUDENELL SOCIAL CLUB でライブした時、見に来てくれたのでした。ありがとう。

I wore a T-shirt given to me by Kelvin, the late drummer of Delta5, a super cool band here in Leeds. When Shonen Knife performed at BRUDENELL SOCIAL CLUB in 2014, he came to see the show! Thank you!



Today’s drumhead art. Naoko drew and I helped painting color.


Posing backstage!


The live concert was a great success! Many people came to see the show. Thank you Lees! I had a great time.


April 24 A Day Off in Hull UK 🇬🇧 (Atsuko)


Good morning! Today was the last day off. Starting tomorrow, we will have 8 consecutive days until the last day of the tour! We had a radio interview at 11:00, but we can do it online in the hotel room, so that’s good.

お昼前には直子とプチ観光に出かけました。りさちゃんはケンキチさんと買い物に行ったようです。私たちの目的地はThe Deepという水族館。

Before noon, Naoko and I went out for a sightseeing. Risa went shopping with Kenkichi. Our destination was an aquarium called The Deep.

直子さん、絶対やる機械。The Penny Press.

Naoko likes this machine, The Penny Press.


We had lunch at the aquarium cafe. I had lasagna.


We entered!


with Nemo(clownfish).


Yellow dogface puffer.


Left the aquarium and took a walk. Hull Minster was closed on Monday…


Arrived at the mall.


There was an arcade. We played.


Tea time!


We walked again to another mall next to Hull Station.

モールでは何も買うものは無かった。晩ごはん用に中華の食べ放題の店で持ち帰りにした。持ち帰る場合は値段はほぼ半額でプラスチックのお弁当箱を渡されて、自分で詰める方式。好きなものだけ選べられるし、ね。最初、”お弁当箱、小さ!”って思ったけど、詰め詰めしたらずっしり重かった。(笑) 部屋に戻ってご飯食べて10時には就寝。

There was nothing to buy for me at the mall. We decided to take it to an all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant for dinner. If you want to take it home, the price is almost half and you are given a plastic box to pack it yourself. You can choose only what you like.  At first, I thought, “The plastic box is so small!” but when I packed it, it was heavy.   We went back to the hotel and ate dinner. I went to bed around 10 pm.


April 23 Hull UK 🇬🇧 New Adelphi (Atsuko)


We left the hotel at 12:00 p.m., drove a bit, and bought a scone at a cafe that stood alone, and it was delicious! Jam and clotted cream sandwiched. It was a Sunday afternoon, and the restaurant was crowded, as if it were popular.


On the way, we stopped at a service area and checked into a hotel.


Arrived at the venue. We played here in 2018.


The design of the backrest of the bench by the wall is GOOD.


There were familiar glass bottles in the dressing room. The ceiling and walls were filled with posters of bands that had played here before.


For dinner we went to a nearby steakhouse and I had a 10oz steak! Sometimes eating beef gives me energy. POWER!!


We Rocked today, too! Thank you for coming to see our show. 


After the show, the owner said, “Your live performance made the British people smile and went home.” I’m so happy!

April 22 Carlisle UK 🇬🇧 The Brickyard (Atsuko)


Rainy morning in New Castle. We drove west to Carlisle.


On the way, we stopped at a large mall and did our own thing. I was not hungry, so I didn’t eat anything. I bought a new SIM card because my SIM card, which is valid for 2 months, is about to expire.


Today’s venue, The Brickyard. Carlisle Castle is located nearby.


Here is Shonen Knife poster!


Inside of the venue.


We went out for dinner hunting.


View of the town.


We went to a Asian restaurant. I ordered Indonesian fried rice, nasi goreng. It was a bit spicy hot.


I found our poster.


There was a delicious assortment of chocolate cookies in the dressing room. I ate a couple of them, but the rest disappeared into Naoko and Risa’s bellies.


Due to a sudden cancellation of the support band, this was a one-man show. Many people came to see our show. I finally got to meet the fans who have been waiting for 3 years, 5 years and 30 years. Thank you very much!!