April 19 Hebden Bridge UK 🇬🇧 Trades Club (Atsuko)


Good morning! Today’s live show in Hebden Bridge.


The venue is second floor in this building.


Oh no! Stairs…  It looks like there was a lift but the venue staff carried most of it. Thank you very much.




Dinner was served at the venue’s cafeteria. I thought it looked like pad thai, but the noodles were curry flavored. Maybe it was Indonesian style.


I had time to walk around the neighborhood. There was a canal and it was nice. I thought about having a cup of coffee, but the stores were already closed.


It was sold out show tonight. We rocked the house! Thank you very much!!







April 18 Nottingham UK 🇬🇧 Rescue Room (Atsuko)

Good morning! Departure from London at 12:00 pm to Nottingham. Arrived at the venue in about 3 hours.

The venue staff helped loading. And setting up. Set merch.

Dinner hunting. We decided to go to an Asian restaurant that Risa found.

I saw Naoko eating an eel bowl recently and thought it looked delicious, so I ordered the eel bowl. It was tender and delicious.

We stopped at Asian market on the way back to the venue.

Lots of people here today. Thank you for waiting for us. I’m glad I could come on the tour.

Thank you Nottingham!


April 17 London UK 🇬🇧 BBC radio session (Atsuko)

Good morning! I woke up late and had lunch at my usual Korean Japanese restaurant. When I ordered, Risa happened to join us and the three of us ate together. I ate bulgogi.

3時半集合で、ロンドンにあるBBCのスタジオに行きました。BBC 6 MUSIC の人気DJ、マークライリーさんの番組に出演します。いつもならマークさんのいるマンチェスターのスタジオまでの行くのですがスケジュールがどうしても合いませんでした。90年代にジョンピールセッションに出た時はロンドンのスタジオでした。同じ場所かどうかは覚えてないけど〜。
We met at 3:30 and headed out to BBC Studios in London. We performed for BBC 6 MUSIC’s popular DJ Marc Riley’s show. Usually we visit his studio in Manchester, our schedule was tight. When Shonen Knife played for John Peel session in the 90’s, it was at a studio in London. I can’t remember if it was the same place or not.

3曲演奏してサクッと終了‼︎ 毎日ライブしてるからね。
We played 3 songs. We do live shows every day, so finished quickly.

I saw a fox on my way back. I heard that you can often see foxes in London.

We returned to the hotel, dropped off our bag, and went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. We had seafood crispy noodles and nasi goreng. The noodles one was so good that we should have ordered two.

Back to the hotel and while drinking beer, I sorted out my luggage. Tomorrow we will check out of the hotel in London where we have stayed for 10 days.

April 26, The Moon, Cardiff UK

Left the hotel in Leeds at 10:30am. Off to the capitol city of Wales, Cardiff. I found a funny toy candy at a gas station on the way and bought it.

Bit coin?! Bad taste.

The venue is close to Wales Castle. Big stadium was there, too. College sports event is held today. It was crowded and cars cannot enter into the are.

This is the venue. Loaded in, anyway.

Coffee was served at the venue. We did daily task. It was a small venue and we sat up merch table at the side of corridor. We changed into our stage costumes after sound check in a very tiny room. I wore a jacket and went out to have dinner. Atsuko and Risa went to a steak house. I went to a Pizza place.

I ordered this Pizza because I love eggs.

There are not enough space to stay at the venue and I stayed at the Pizza restaurant and ordered a cup of coffee.

All of us went back to the venue 20 min before the show and sat the stage. Then show time.

SOLD OUT のライブ!ありがとう!身長155cmの私でもステージの天井に手が届く。あつこさんの前には柱が。でも、お客さんのノリがとても良くてこちらも演奏していて楽しかった!来て下さった方々に感謝します!
グッズコーナーではWi-Fi もモバイルデータ通信も弱くて困った。お待たせしてすみません。搬出後、宿に入って毎日見ている英国のチャンネル、That’s 60sを見ながら就寝。
It was a SOLD OUT show! Thank you very much. I could touch the sealing even my height is 155cm. There is a poll in front f Atsuko. The reaction of the audience was excellent. I was happy about that. Thank you for coming to our show!
Not only Wi-Fi but mobile data were very weak at the merch table and made people waiting. Sorry about that. After checked in the hotel, I watched “That’s 60s” tv which I watch everyday in Britain and slept.

April 25, The Brudnell Social, Leeds UK


Went to bed around 9pm last night. I woke up several times at night and left the bed at 9am. The final stage of this longest tour in my life starts today with 8 shows in a row. Left the hotel at noon and after one hour and a half drive, we arrived Leeds. We went to a music instruments store first and looked for a cymbal but we couldn’t find a good one. Then we went to a hamburger shop to get our lunch for take away.

After we arrived at the venue, we ate hamburgers at a table at a terrace. It was very tasty.

We played here several times. The round shaped floor is gorgeous. It is cleaned and comfortable.

This is stage.

いつものタスクをこなして、時間があるからとホテルに一旦チェックイン。ホテルの部屋で先に衣装に着替えようとしてたら、ツアマネKenkichi さんから電話。会場でインタビューがあるのを忘れてた!との事。そう言えばノートに予定書いてたなぁ。大急ぎで身支度してKenkichi さんと2人で車で会場へ戻った。程なくインタビュアーの方々が来られ、インタビュー開始。小一時間かかったけど、とても楽しい内容になったと思う。インタビュアーのご一行と記念撮影。
We finished everyday’s task and had a few hours until the door open. All of us went to a hotel and checked in. When I got relaxed and tried to change into stage costume, the tour manager Kenkichi made a phone call to me. He forgot that I had an interview. We needed to drive back to the venue quickly. I also missed my schedule. We were waiting at the dressing room and the interviewers came here. We started interview and it took almost an hour but the interview was very fun. I took a picture with them.

I boiled water using a pot at the dressing room and ate a cup noodles which I bought in London. It was delicious than I imagined.

あつこさんとりさちゃんがKenkichi さんの迎えでホテルから会場に戻って来た。あつこさんが、私が描きかけていたドラムヘッドアートに着色し、完成。なかなかいい作品が出来た。
Atsuko and Risa came back from the hotel to the venue by Kenkichi’s driving. Atsuko colored the drum head art which I was drawing. I think it became a beautiful drum head art.

And show time!!!

With many many cheerful friendly audience, we had very good time on stage and finished the show safely.

After show Atsuko and I went to our merch table. Risa had to clear up the stage first and joined us after that. A lady brought a wood chip. She drew a picture without face and asked us to drew faces by ourselves. This is the finished one. I thank to everyone who came to our show. Thank you! Arigato!